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Salon Bois Energie 2017 Innovation Competition

2017 results

Rapport Concours de l'Innovation

Click above to discover the 2017 winners (English report soon available)

The Innovation Competition is always a highly anticipated moment during the Exhibition. It rewards the most significant innovations of the year and often provides a compass reading of future trends. The Competition rewards Innovations from 4 categories:

  • Category 1 : Wood fuel supply chain
  • Category 2 : Central wood heating for the domestic sector
  • Category 3 : Localised wood heating for the domestic sector
  • Category 4 : District heating

These prizes are awarded by a Jury of renowned experts. Click here to download the rules of the competition (in French).

Winners of the 2017 edition


The prize award ceremony for the 2017 Innovation Competition happened on Thursday 30th March at 16h30.

Click here to download the report.

  • Category 1 : Wood fuel supply chain
    Bois Energie d'Or : PELLETS DRIVE - Station à Pellets
    Bois Energie d'Argent : Biolub 150
    Bois Energie d'Argent : LMDB.COM - ASSURANCE METEO
  • Category 2 : Central wood heating for the domestic sector
    Bois Energie d'Argent : SAELEN ENERGIE - HEIZOCLEAN
  • Category 3 : Localised wood heating for the domestic sector
    Bois Energie d'Argent : LAMINOX IDRO - JESSICA NATURAL
  • Category 4 : District heating
    Bois Energie d'Or : HARGASSNER - ECO-HK 250-330
    Bois Energie d'Argent : APF - CONTENEUR-TREMIE
    Bois Energie d'Argent : FRÖLING - CHP 50

Meet the 2017 jury

The Jury comprises 5 members from multiple and complimentary disciplines, each one of whom brings a particular experience or knowledge of the sector. We are very grateful to the members of the 2017 Innovation Competition Jury for the time and professionalism they dedicate to their role as judges, both before and during the event. See the Jury Charter (french language only) : click here.


Xavier COLLINXavier COLLIN, Granulénergie
Chief Editor, Granulenergie - Engineer, IDEX

"The Innovation Competition is the only national competition of its kind for the biomass and wood energy sector. It allows the winners to promote their new advances as well as acting as a beacon for the whole sector to promote its new and cutting-edge technologies."
Gwenola DOAREGwenola DOARE, Habitat Naturel
Chief Editor of the "Habitat Naturel" magazine

"The competition is a key feature of the event, it motivates industrials to make further progress in innovation, from forestry management to domestic heating, industrial units and services. It is also a cordial moment for this exhibition which has managed to keep its humane size, in spite of continuous growth."
Annick FabbiAnnick FABBI, Bois Energie 15
Coordinator of the Wood Energy Plan for the Cantal department since 2000, co-president of the "animation" commission at CIBE

"The Innovation Competition creates a healthy competition among manufacturers and industrials. It brings a clearly modern and innovative image to the sector, and communicates it towards all the actors of wood energy."
Journalist, author, director specialised in renewables energies, with a focus on wood

"True commercial springboard, the Innovation Competition "Grand Prize" is coveted by the whole wood energy industry since 2000. It rewards R&D efforts, which will allow the sector to progressively take its place in this evolving energy landscape."
Christophe LAVERGNEChristophe LAVERGNE, l'Installateur
Chief Editor of "L'Installateur" magazine since 1997, creator of the "Trophées de l'Installateur" Competition

"This Competition highlights innovation in the sector of wood energy, and lets winners benefit from this prize. It is an amplifier to push forward the cause of wood enegy to the end consumer."