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Bois Energie Exhibition
Nantes 2013 Report

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Study Tours

Study tours were organised in parallel with the Exhibition, on several exemplary sites around Nantes : heating facilities, boiler manufacturers, woodfuel production sites... These visits were proposed free of charge.

Wednesday 20th March afternoon - "Chantrerie" wood boiler in Nantes

Chaufferie de la ChantrerieAFUL ChantrerieThe Chantrerie wood boiler, inaugurated on 9th December 2011, associates five schools including Ecole des Mines, Ecole Supérieure du Bois, IDAC, Polytec'Nantes and Oniris, grouped under an "AFUL" (Association foncière urbaine libre).

The facility comprises a central boiler with a 2.5 MW wood boiler and two natural gas boilers (5 MW and 2.5 MW)
, as well as a 2500m district heating network.

The visit was organised by AFUL Chantrerie.

Thursday 21st march morning - BEMA wood energy platform & Bourdaud saw mill wood boiler in Nozay

Plateforme BEMA à NozayBEMAThe Châteaubriand territory enjoys a wood energy platform in Nozay, able to store 30 000 tons of wood, managed by the Bois Energie Maine Atlantique (BEMA) company, bringing together wood suppliers of the Pays de la Loire region.

The wood comes from by products of saw mills in Loire Atlantique department, as well as dry wood chips coming from the local forests, trimmings and prunings.

This tour first visited the BEMA platform in Nozay, then the wood boiler at the nearby Bourdaud saw mill (1.5 MW leafy wood chip boiler).

Thursday 21st march afternoon - Headquarters of the industrial wood boilers manufacturer Leroux & Lotz, and wood boiler of the NADIC in Nantes

Leroux & LotzLeroux & LotzThis tour started with the visit of the headquarters and workshops of the industrial wood boilers manufacturer Leroux & Lotz (subsidiary of Altawest group), in Nantes. LLT is a specialist in eco-sensible industrial solutions for energy production from a range of fuels. LLT offers wood energy boilers with the most relevant technology depending on the needs of the projects.

NADICThen the visit proceeded with the wood boiler of the "NADIC" district heating network (operated by a subsidiary of Dalkia), in the Bellevue district of Nantes. This boiler comprises two 7 MW wood chip boilers with condensers.