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Study Tours in parallel with the Salon Bois Energie 2016

This year, several study tours are offered in parallel with the Exhibition:

These different study tours will leave from the Exhibition park, and will return there afterwards (schedule will be available here soon). People from GIPEBLOR will accompany participants on each tour, except tour n°2. Participation is free but please be aware that translation from French will not necessarily be available (if required, please contact us). Careful, the number of seats is limited!


Tour 1 : Tuesday 15th March afternoon - Metz-Chambière biomass cogeneration unit

UEM MetzCommissioned end of 2012, this unit is one of the largest of its kind in France. Located next to the cogeneration power plant, it consumes 100 000 tons of wood chips per year. Using these wood chips, coming from local resources, strengthens a 100% renewable supply chain.

The Metz-Chambière biomass unit comprises:

  • a 45MWth power plant, producing 80 bar steam from wood chips
  • a 9.5MWe turbine, producing electricity for about 10 000 households, and supplying heat to 20 000 households in the district heating network. Powered by more than 60% of renewable energy, the unit produces a 100% local energy,
  • a 32MWth gas boilers for peak usage and backup,
  • a 8 000 to 10 000 ton storage area for wood chips

Tour 2 : Wednesday 16th March morning - Small and medium scale boilers around Nancy

Two sites will be visited in this Tour:

  • 840kW Weiss wood chip boiler, powering for 13 years the "France-Lanord & Bichaton" company, located close to Nancy. The wood comes partially from off-cuts of the company.
  • 150kW Hargassner pellet boiler à granulé, powering the Xirocourt public school, built in 2009 under the "BBC" standards.

Tour 3 : Wednesday 16th March afternoon - Biomass power plant at Delipapier in Nancy

Chaufferie Delipapier

The paper mill Delipapier, has recently entrusted the implementation and building of a 13 MW thermal plant fuelled with wood chips to BONO Sistemi, destined to its manufacturing plant in Frouard-France.

The biomass thermal plant will replace the existing gas plant: this is a choice of commitment by this paper company to favour the renewable energy against the fossil fuels, for the production of thermal energy. The paper industry, notoriously very energy demanding, continuously needs medium pressure steam, about 18 barg, to feed the machineries producing the "tissue", with an almost constant thermal performance, 24 hours a day, about 340 days a year.

Therefore, the plant has been designed to meet these requirements of high reliability and operation capacity. The supply by BONO Sistemi includes:

Chaufferie Delipapier
  • the steam boiler that can operate without the constant presence of supervisors up to 72 hours
  • the complete fumes treatment up to the flue
  • the ashes removal and transportation system
  • the biomass fuelling system consisting of silo with forks - 1000 m3 - 72 hours of autonomy and chain conveyor
  • water treatment and degassing system
  • water removal
  • control panels equipped with all electric connections
  • water and steam pipes up to end users

Tour 4 : Thursday 17th March morning - Vandœuvre-lès-Nancy power plant and Velaine en Haye platform

Vandœuvre-lès-Nancy power plantThe Vandœuvre-lès-Nancy district heating network was created in 1964. Its boiler, located near the Nancy Exhibition park, used to run on coal and heavy fuel oil. Since 2007, the Grand Nancy town chose to build a new multi-energy power plant running in part on biomass. Today, the 8MW biomass boilers delivers 24% of energy needs of the network.

The 18 000 tons of biomass consumed by the boiler come from local forestry and industrial resources (within 80 km). These resources are prepared and shipped from the Velaine-en-Haye biomass platform (less than 10 km from the power plant), which will be visited in this study tour as well. Covering and area of 21 000 m², this platform is sized to prepare 80 000 tons of biomass per year eventually.

Velaine en Haye platform. Credits : Dalkia