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Key figures of the French wood energy sector

Supply and wood fuel Source
Natural increase of French forests
from 85 Mm3/year
to 110 Mm3/year
IGN 2011
CIBE 2011
Harvests for all wood uses
37.4 Mm3/year
Agreste 2016
Harvests for wood energy
7.8 Mm3/year
Agreste 2016
Final wood energy consumption in 2014
9.8 Mtoe/year (1st european consumer)
39% of the total renewables consumption
Ministry of Environment 2015
Pellet production
208 000 t/year in 2008
1 040 000 t/year in 2014
Propellet France 2016
Fuel prices
17 to 25€/MWh for wood chips
33 to 42€/MWh for wood logs
62 to 75€/MWh for pellets
Average yearly increase of 3% over the 2005-2014 period
ADEME 2014
Public incentives "DYNAMIC bois" call for proposals in 2015 and 2016
Domestic heating Source
Households using a wood heating appliance
7.4 millions in 2012
ADEME 2013
Targeted number of appliances (Grenelle)
9 millions in 2020
Share of localised heating vs. central heating
30% / 70% in 1999
50% / 50% in 2012
Final consumption of wood by households in 2012
7.3 Mtoe/year (including 6.9 for wood logs)
ADEME 2013
Average age of appliances
15 years, and 1/3 of open fireplaces with very low efficiency
Number of appliances sold
550 000/year in 2014 (69% stoves, 26% fireplaces and 4% boilers)
Ministry of Environment 2015
Increase in appliance sales (forecast)
+5%/year until 2020
Xerfi 2016
Employment in the manufacturing and installation of domestic wood heating appliances
24 000
ADEME 2012
Public incentives 30% tax refund, reduced VAT, 2012 building regulation, local subsidies
Collective uses, industry and local authorities Source
Final consumption of wood for collective housing, industries, cogeneration and local authorities
1.4 Mtoe in 2006
4 Mtoe in 2016
SER 2016
Targeted consumption (Grenelle)
7.8 Mtoe en 2020
Targeted number of new wood-powered district heating networks to create (Grenelle)
70 to 80 /year
Public incentives "Fonds Chaleur" subsidies from ADEME, Call for Projects from the Energy Regulator (cogeneration), reduced VAT, 2012 building regulation, ability to use wood packaging as fuel

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