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Nantes 2013 Report

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Nantes 2013 - Where two worlds met

For the first time, the Salon Bois Energie and Biogaz Europe ran in parallel in Nantes at the end of March 2013. The converging worlds of forestry and agriculture came together to explore and further develop their common interests in energy provision in a European context that calls for ever more efficient and integrated solutions. 500 exhibitors and represented companies from across Europe have attended the two events.

Where two worlds meet

A rich programme, in parallel of the Exhibition

The following activities were available:

A summary is provided in the following table:


Study tours

Wednesday 20th MORNING
International Conference Wednesday
Medium and large scale innovative conversion processes (gasification, pyrolysis and cogeneration)
Medium and large scale district heating networks

Small district heating networks
Mini and micro-cogeneration
"Chantrerie" wood boiler in Nantes
Thursday 21st MORNING
International Conference Thursday
Plenary session biogas & wood energy - What role for biogas and wood energy in the Energy Transition ?
BEMA wood energy platform & Bourdaud saw mill wood boiler in Nozay
Supply chain, wood fuel and biofuels - Availability status and strategies to adapt to demand Headquarters of the industrial wood boilers manufacturer Leroux & Lotz, and wood boiler of the NADIC in Nantes
Friday 22nd
Western France Conference
Western France Conference