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19 March 13:30 15:45 Workshop on "Synergies between biogas, wood energy and hydrogen & fuel cell sectors"
Concrete example of projects linking these different sectors together (hydrogen production from bioenergies, power-to-gas and utilisation of fuel cells with bioenergies).
With the participation of IMN Nantes, RECORD, Fraunhofer ICT-IMM, Albhyon, Xebec, Schmack Carbotech, S3D, CEA-Liten
Hypac Conf.

Detailed programme

Hydrogen production from bioenergies Coupling anaerobic digestion with power-to-gas
  • 14h40 : "Innovative biological methanation of hydrogen for power-to-gas applications" - Eberhart Wusterhaus, Schmack Carbotech
Utilisation of fuel cells with bioenergies
  • 15h00 : "Fuel cell for wood syngas (ValorPAC project)" - François Ricoul, S3D
  • 15h20 : "SOFC fuel cells for biogas" - Julie Mougin, CEA-Liten
  • 15h40 : Questions & answers

Workshop animated by Prof. Olivier Joubert, researcher at IMN, Professor at Ecole Polytechnique de l'Université de Nantes, Director of the Research Group 3652 at CNRS "Hydrogen, systems and fuel cells"

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