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Conference and workshop programme 2015

Conferences on "Supply and Wood Fuels" and "District heating"
Plenary conferences happened each morning in the main wood energy conference room ("Loire" room in the "Grand Palais" hall). These conferences were followed by more focused technical workshops in the afternoon, happening in the conference room and the nearby "Sèvre" room.
Conferences on biogas and hydrogen/fuel cells also happened in the "Grand Palais" hall.

Conferences on "Domestic heating"
A dedicated programme for domestic wood heating professionals happened in the Forum of hall 4.

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Thursday 19 March | Friday 20 March | Both days
Thursday 19 March | Friday 20 March | Both days
Thursday 19 March | Friday 20 March | Both days
Thursday 19 March | Friday 20 March | Both days

Presentation files are available by clicking on the "Download presentations" link next to each conference session

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20 March 10:00 12:00 Conference "Panorama of biogas sectors throughout Europe"
Panorama of biogas sectors in Europe, focus on Germany, small-scale AD, heat utilisation, and perspectives for France. With the participation of ADEME, Office Franco-Allemand des Energies Renouvelables, TRAME, DHC+ Technology Platform, Club Biogaz ATEE, EREP
20 March 10:00 12:00 Conference "Panorama of hydrogen & fuel cell sectors throughout Europe"
Overview of the European context and focus on France, Germany and UK.
With the participation of ADEME, ENEA Consulting, German Hydrogen Association (DWV), Element Energy, FCH-JU
Hypac Conf.
20 March 13:30 15:00 Workshop on the SERECO project - green waste to heat greenhouses
With the participation of Zeta, Communauté de Communes de Grand Lieu (CCGL), Légumes de France, Les Serres des 3 Moulins and RAGT Energie.
20 March 13:30 15:30 Workshop on "Hydrogen & fuel cell applications for mobility and industrial vehicles"
With the participation of: MH2 (fishing boat), Tronico (construction vehicles), WH2 (green hydrogen supply), Ballard (bus), Polytech Nantes
Hypac Conf.
20 March 15:00 16:00 Presentation of the Combine project
Conversion of roadside green waste to produce biogas and solid wood fuel. Presentation followed by a demonstration of the prototype displayed on the Exhibition.
AILE Maine
20 March 15:30 17:00 Biogaz Vallée® workshop on "digestates"
Biogaz Vallée® Erdre
20 March 16:00 17:30 Alphéa Hydrogène workshop on "Stationary applications of hydrogen & fuel cell (with a focus on remote areas)"
State of the art and case studies on fuel cells for domestic uses & remote areas, and hydrogen-powered combustion engines.
With the participation of Alphéa Hydrogène, McPhy Energy, Gest'Hydrogène, Powidian, GrDF, 2G Solutions
Hypac Conf.